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Whistle Blowing

A.    Objectives

It is the policy of the MFM Group to conduct our business at the highest ethical and legal standards. It is with this that the Whistle Blowing policy is developed to:-   

  1. To instill the highest level of corporate governance in the MFM Group.
  2. To encourage and enable all customers/vendors/suppliers/employees to raise genuine concerns within the MFM Group rather than overlooking a problem. 
  3. To set a procedure for all parties to give information on non-compliances to our Code of Conduct, or any misconduct regardless of his or her position, to an independent party to investigate the allegations and take the appropriate actions.

B.    Procedure

Should you come across any suspected fraud, misconduct or any integrity concerns, you are welcome to fill up a  Whistle Blowing Report Form as attached and email to:-

Attention: Dato' Hj Shaharuddin bin Hj Haron
Independent Director
Malayan Flour Mills Berhad
Email: whistleblowing@mflour.com.my
We trust that every whistle blower must conduct themselves with high integrity and responsibility.  To establish a sound relationship of trust, individuals who make disclosures are encouraged to identify themselves and their contact (phone number/email). This is especially so when more detail information is required. Whenever necessary, the whistle blower may be required to stand as a witness for the Company for the appropriate disciplinary action to be effective.

All information received will be treated with strictest confidentiality.

Please download the Whistle Blowing Form below :

Whistle Blowing Notification Form.docx