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Malayan Flour Mills Bhd (MFM) has evolved its integrated poultry operations to be one of the leaders in the industry. It is unique, having production facilities from direct grain import to producing a range of poultry products. The entire supply and production chain can deliver strict quality assurance, value for money and ensure customer satisfaction.

The companies involved in this “Grain to Chicken” operations are,

  • Trading of Raw Material by Premier Grain Sdn Bhd
  • Feed Milling by MFM Feedmill Sdn Bhd (Pasir Gudang) and Dindings Soya & Multifeeds Sdn Berhad (Lumut)
  • Breeder Farming and
  • Broiler Farming by Dindings Poultry Development Centre Sdn Bhd
  • Poultry Processing & Further Processed Products by Dindings Poultry Processing Sdn Bhd

Integrated Poultry Production

An Integrated Quality Assurance program manages and control every step of the production to ensure that food safety is achieved and the products are HALAL*. Traceability is assured throughout the supply chain, from the ingredients used in the preparation of the poultry feeds, to the broiler growing operations and production of the entire range of processed poultry products.

Our poultry integration uses the Cobb breed, which is the most popular in the world. Dindings Broiler Breeder Farm Sdn Bhd (DBB) was the first company in Malaysia to introduce Cobb into the country, and it has since been accepted by the rest of the farming community as the most suitable broiler. The Cobb breed offers our farmers good value and our consumers a high quality product

The broilers are grown in the farms of Dindings Poultry Development Centre Sdn Bhd (DPDC) and selected contract growers. The entire production is supervised by a team of veterinarians and specialized poultry husbandry extension staff.

The broilers are processed by Dindings Poultry Processing Sdn. Bhd. (DPP)

The plant incorporates modern technology complete with microbiological laboratories. It is managed by experienced professionals including veterinarians, food technologists, engineers and skilled technicians.

DPP has emerged as the preferred supplier to all the major market segments in the country ranging from the international fast food chains, hypermarkets, supermarkets, restaurants to food manufacturers.

"Processed Poultry Products"

DPP products are marketed under the brand names of Ayam Dindings, Ayam Fiesta and Jimat Fiesta.  It has been exported to Brunei Darussalam.


 "Further Processed Poultry Products "

 * HALAL is an Arabic word meaning "lawful" or "permitted". When it comes to food and consumables, HALAL is the dietary standard of Muslims. According to the Quran, all good and clean foods are HALAL. Allah says in the Quran: "Ye people! Eat of what is on earth, lawful and good". (2:168) Allah (S) knows best. Consequently, almost all foods from the sea, plants, and animals are considered HALAL except those that have been specifically prohibited by Islamic law. Additionally, food should be earned lawfully. It is important for a Muslim to work for a living. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: "No one eats better food than what he eats out of the work of his hand". (Sahih Bukhari)