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Dindings Soya & Multifeeds Sdn Berhad

Malayan Flour Mills Berhad (MFM) diversification into the poultry industry began with Dindings Soya & Multifeeds Sdn Berhad (DSM).

DSM commenced operation of its feedmill in Lumut in December 1983. Principal activities are manufacturing and sales of poultry feeds, aqua feeds and raw materials. DSM is the feed supplier to the contract farming division of MFM.

DSM constantly upgrades its facility to use the latest milling technology. Direct discharging facilities enables DSM to import corn and soybean meal in Panamax vessels from carefully chosen suppliers. This provides a competitive advantage in terms of logistics, pricing and raw material quality.

MFM Feedmill Sdn Bhd

In 1993, the MFM group expanded coverage of the Malaysian poultry feed market with the commencement of commercial operation of MFM Feedmill Sdn Bhd (MFMF). A market leader in the southern region, MFMF is strategically located within the Johor Port industrial complex. Like DSM in the northern region, MFMF shares common infrastructure with flour milling to enhance operational efficiency.

Common Corporate Philosophy

In line with the MFM group policy, manufacturing facilities are strategically located to maximize logistic advantage, both for incoming raw materials and proximity to our customers. Both feedmills enable us to produce feeds specific to the needs of individual customers thus providing premium service to the local farming community. We have a broad range of feeds for different management requirements which include extruded, pelleted, crumble and mash feeds.

Dindings Soya & Multifeeds Sdn Berhad