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Aqua Feeds

Dindings Soya & Multifeeds Sdn Berhad (DSM) was an early pioneer in aqua feed production and we are today a market leader in rations for tilapia, catfish, bullfrog and marine fish.

 Freshwater Fish Feeds

92000 Fish Starter Floating
92100 Fish Grower Floating
92300 Fish Finisher I Floating
92900 Fish Finisher II Floating
92500 Fish Economy Floating
96000 Keli Floating
92800 Ornamental Fish Floating
93800 Fish Hatchery

 Marine Fish Feeds

93010 Marine Fish Starter Floating
93110 Marine Fish Grower Floating
93000 Marine Fish Starter Sinking
93100 Marine Fish Grower Sinking

Bullfrog Feeds

95000 Bullfrog Floating