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Change in Boardroom
Posted Date : 25 May 17

* Stock name MFLOUR
* Stock code 3662
* Contact person Ms Mah Wai Mun
* Designation Company Secretary
* Contact number 03-21700999
E-mail address ir@mflour.com.my
Part A : To be filled by Public Listed Company
Date of change * 25 May 2017 
Type of change * Appointment
Designation * Independent Director
Directorate * Independent & Non Executive
Name * Prof Datin Dr Aini Binti Ideris
Age * 64
Gender Female
Nationality * Malaysian
Qualifications *

- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), 1979 from Universiti Pertanian Malaysia
- UPM (currently, Universiti Putra Malaysia) - Masters in Veterinary Science (MVSc), 1981 from University of Liverpool, England
- Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Avian Medicine), 1989 from Universiti Putra Malaysia
- Postdoctoral training, 1990-1992 at University of California Davies, USA
- Postdoctoral training, 1993 at Cornell University, USA

Working experience and occupation *



Professor Dr. Aini is actively involved as Council Member of Academy of Sciences Malaysia, Council Member of Malaysian College of Veterinary Specialists (MCVS), Member of Board of Governance of International Medical University (IMU); International Medical College (IMC), Member of Board of Directors of Yayasan Putra Business School; UPM Education & Training, Council Member of Malaysian Cancer Research Institute (MCRI) and Executive Member of National Cancer Council (MAKNA). She is the Founding Chairman, Board of Directors of UPM Holdings Sdn Bhd.

She is actively involved in research on avian respiratory and immunosuppressive diseases, development of conventional and genetically engineered vaccines. In 2011, Professor Dr. Aini received the National Academic Award (AAN) 2010 for the Innovation and Product Commercialisation Award Category. Her research group also won the Innovation Award in Public and Private Sector Research (2008) in which she was the co-researcher.

She is the Coordinator for the National Centre of Excellence for Swiftlets, under MOA and Vice President of the World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA). Professor Dr. Aini has extensive administrative experience. She was the Acting Head of the Department of Veterinary Clinical Studies, Chairman of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Dean of the Graduate School and Chairman of the Deans of Graduate Studies, Public Institutions of Higher Learning Council, Malaysia.

She was the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International) of Universiti Putra Malaysia from December 2008 to 2013 and was Chairman of Deputy Vice-Chancellors Committee/Rector (Academic and International) during that period. In October 2015, she was appointed as the first Director of Corporate Strategy & Communications Office (CoSComm), Universiti Putra Malaysia until her appointment as the 8th Vice-Chancellor of UPM on 1 January 2016. 

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QL Resources Berhad

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Director has attended the Mandatory Accreditation Programme (MAP) Yes
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