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Learning and Development

MFM believes in developing the potential and skill competency of its employees and is committed to ensure they are trained to undertake the position for which they are employed and to develop their abilities and skills in line with technological changes and other needs of the organization at present and in the future. Here, we evaluate our employees’ performance using the Competency Model which provides an inventory of the employee’s strengths and opportunities for further development. Hence, training programs and development are designed to help the individual employee to develop the targeted competencies.

As a Manager, you understand the importance of developing your team. In MFM, you will be supported to do this and you are encouraged to work closely with the Human Resource Department in identifying specific training needs and to initiate training & development plans for your team and individuals.

As an Employee, you too must play a vital and dominant role in identifying and determining your future role within the Company. You must have the drive and enthusiasm to increase your own skill and knowledge as part of your personal career plans and goals.