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Launching of 5S Program
News & Events 2006
Posted Date : 24 Apr 06

Corporate Events

The performance of an Organization mainly related to the Quality of its products and the Service to Customers. These two principal factors can only be achieved with good morale behaviours and a clean working environment.

To create a clean working environment, the practice of the "5S" System is essential, which will create in the long run a highly motivated self-managed workforce towards a clean and safe work environment. On 24th April, 2006, the Group had launched the 5S Program to enhance its productivity and competitiveness through:-

  1. Productivity increase - Identify, reduce & eliminate waste, enhance teamwork, to eliminate machineries breakdown and searching time.
  2. Safety - Enhance operation effectiveness in a better working environment (cleaner and better organized) and to prevent accidents as all items are visible.
  3. Quality - To eliminate errors and contaminations.
  4. Customer satisfaction - To reduce customer complaints and increasing positive customer perception.