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Mooncake Demo at Bandar Utama
News & Events 2008
Posted Date : 06 Sep 08

Ms Koo (in red cap) imparting the techniques of making Flaky mooncake to the audience.

Baked Flaky mooncakes.

Mr Chia (right) explaining the ingredients used in making the pastry of Traditional Mooncake.

Traditional mooncake ‘knocked’ out
from hand-held mould prior to baking.

MFM Consumer Brands displayed at the event.


It was an educational experience for shoppers at the Bandar Utama shopping complex when Malayan Flour Mills Berhad’s (MFM) staff presented a mooncake-making demo on 6th September, 2008 in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.

The ‘chefs’ were none other than Sr Food Technologist, Ms Koo Hui Miean and Flour Technical Manager, Mr Chia Kau Mon from the Pasir Gudang plant in Johor.

The crowd comprising mostly of female enthusiasts, were shown the preparation of the dough of Flaky and Traditional mooncakes. They were briefed on the various varieties of flour manufactured by MFM and were also introduced to the Superfine flour used for making mooncakes.

The baked mooncakes were later handed out to the audience for sampling.