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Ayam Dindings

Ayam Dindings Ayam Fiesta Ayam Jimat Fiesta  

‘Ayam Dindings’ brand is the premium product range for the discerning consumers who expect the best of quality and have demanding taste preference.


Chicken Frankfurter Chicken Cocktail Chicken Meatloaf Chicken Meatball Chicken Nugget
Smoked Chicken Frankfurter 300g
Original Chicken Cocktail 800g
Original Chicken Meatloaf 200g
Original Chicken Meatball 400g
Original Crispy Chicken Nugget 800g
Cheese Chicken Frankfurter 300g
Original Chicken Meatloaf 500g
Original Chicken Meatball 800g
Cheese Chicken Nugget 800g

Hot & Spicy Chicken Nugget 800g

Tempura Chicken Nugget 800g


Fried Chicken Breaded Drummet Chicken Burger Western Delight Oriental Delight

Original Fried Chicken 800g

Original Breaded Chicken Drummet 800g

Original Chicken Burger 600g

Original Crispy Chicken Finger 400g

Premium Chicken Satay 10 Sticks

Hot Temptation Fried Chicken 800g

Fiery Hot Breaded Chicken Drummet 800g
Barbecue Chicken D’lite 400g

* Products are available in range of weights